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South Prairie is one of Pierce County’s plateau communities perched above the Puyallup River valley on a plateau forged from glacial retreat and volcanic activity. The area abounds with small-town charm, rural living and outdoor recreation. The gateway to Mount Rainier and Lake Tapps dominate the geography, providing a backdrop to the best of Western Washington living.

South Prairie is still beautiful and, in many spots, unchanged from the wild and wonderful place it was a hundred years ago. The South Prairie Creek and tall trees in the meadows make it a peaceful community where the outside world's hectic pace seems out of place. The Town developed into what it is today at a slow, steady pace, which is why town life today is idyllic.

Town of South Prairie Earns Risk Management Award


At its October 17, 2023, Annual Meeting, the AWC Risk Management Service Agency (RMSA) recognized the risk management efforts of its members that contributed to an improvement in their liability claims experience over the past year. The awards acknowledge the hard work and dedication RMSA’s members put into proactively managing their risks and keeping their communities safe.  


The daily operations of running a municipal entity are complex, but actively managing risks and engaging in risk management helps keep municipalities running effectively, efficiently, and promotes stronger, more resilient communities.  AWC RMSA commends the Town of South Prairie for its dedication to excellent risk management practices by recognizing it as one of this year’s loss control award winners in the category of Engaged Member.


RMSA members share in the costs of coverage and losses. The efforts of any member in preventing or reducing risk can affect the cost of risk for all members. Risk reduction and proactive risk management efforts benefit the membership as a whole by keeping loss experience low, positively impacting costs, and attracting more favorable insuring partners. A program of the Association of Washington Cities, RMSA is a municipal risk pool protecting the employees, assets, and officials of 106 of Washington’s cities, towns, and special purpose districts from property and liability risks and cost. RMSA strives to solve problems before they happen and protect its members’ futures when they do.  


Media contact:

Carol Rehnberg

RMSA Program Director


Town residents will be receiving several mailings from RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corp.) regarding a median income study.  As part of the funding application process, we have contracted with an impartial third party to perform a focused household income survey of the residents of our wastewater system. This income survey will be used by funding agencies to determine the Town’s eligibility for grants or other optimal funding alternatives.

This letter will come from RCAC’s California office. We urge you to complete the short survey form and return it to RCAC in the postage-paid envelope that will be included.  The Town needs a high response rate for the survey to be considered valid.  No identifying information will be provided to the funding agency or representatives of the Town. Responses to this survey are strictly confidential.

We need your assistance to obtain the best possible funding from federal and state agencies. Please complete and return the survey form as soon as possible.  Thank you!

South Prairie
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